May 13, 2022

"I’m going to start by saying thank you Kerry! My friend left her car running with the AC while she was taking her groceries out and baby was asleep in the car. The car locked itself since the car was running. Luckily Kerry literally made it in 10 min and didn’t charge us anything. He really saved the day! Thank you so much!!"
February 28, 2022

"If you need a new or extra key for your vehicle or house, you need to go see Kerry at Arrow Lock Shop!! Awesome service and even met me at the shop on his day off, I definitely recommend him!! Thanks for the great experience!!"
February 25, 2022

"Bought a side by side last year..only came with one key. What do I do..lose it the first day and it was a sunday..called and Kerry came in on day off..looked up possible keys..made 2 for me..not sure they were the right keys but home 60 miles and keys worked perfect..always will be my go to key place. Thanks"
December 15, 2021

"Incredibly helpful from the first conversation. After running through our home door mechanism, instead of demanding service, Kerry gave recommendations. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the mechanism out myself, so I called and was helped by a service call the same day. Kerry was careful, walked through his process as he successfully got the mechanism out and replaced it. Diligent and thorough work. Price was beyond reasonable. So thankful for the expertise and honesty. Highly recommend Kerry and his business!"
July 28, 2021

To the rescue

"This gentleman is a true locksmith. I needed a key for my Kawasaki krx. Lost my only one. Other places I called was like nope, nope.. How about a new ignition? Arrow came to my rescue.. He searched, searched and searched again for right key cut numbers. Cut me a key. What impressed me is that his shop wasn't open but he took the time to meet me. I came 60 miles and will travel 60 miles again for any lock needs.. Thank you Arrow.. "